TechnologyChatter: Is Subscribing to Amazon Prime Really Worth it in the Middle East?

Ahmed MansourJanuary 15, 201942/1004 min
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I think it can be much better! But do you think that they will start improving their service when they gain enough traction? We certainly do hope so. Read the article for all the information that you'll need to make up your mind!

I’ve always been a huge Netflix fan, however, being the bing watcher that I am, I decided that I should also subscribe to Amazon Prime. Hey, don’t judge it was only for $6 a month, plus they had The Office, which is my all time favorite show!

But the question is; Will I continue my subscription with Amazon Prime, or simply just stick with Netflix, without the chilling bit!

Well, in short, I think I will, but I have to get this out of my chest … It’s a huge disappointment for these reasons!


Like really, Amazon? is that the best you can do? You just list the shows in little boxes? Really disappointed.


So, whenever you start a show, sometimes the platform forces an ad of some other show down your throat! I thought that the whole point of paying money is having the free will of what to and what not to watch!


Well, that’s the big one … I certainly couldn’t stop comparing between it and Netflix when it comes to the shows that I can watch … Being that picky viewer that I am, I only found around 3 shows that are worth watching. The US-based version has a lot more options, but seriously Amazon has great shows that they can add to their middle east version that this huge market would certainly appreciate.

Netflix or Amazon Prime

I’d certainly go with Netflix for the friendliness of the interface alone! Let alone the shows, the design, the feasibility, and the no ads policy.

Ahmed Mansour

He's that guy who decided to throw it all and start from scratch! He has a lot of journalistic experience and he plans to pour it all on C-Town Chatter. He "slaps the bass" and his life's motto is "if it's too loud, then you're too old!"

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