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Summer El-MorallyFebruary 1, 201997/1008 min
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The Hair Addict is your go-to platform if you ever wanted to go all natural. The community is the one you've been longing to join for that they spread nothing but positive vibes all over! Here's our honest review of the platform and some tips that will help you get where you want to be!

Who else is so thankful that we are living in the time of finally embracing yourself and your hair, all naturally. Or in other words, women don’t have to go through the hectic process of changing everything in their looks to feel ‘In’. Not convinced? Well, have you checked Maya Diab’s recent shoot with Harper’s Bazaar? The Lebanese Kardashian went for an all “Unfiltered” look, supposedly.  So we don’t know what else would act as proof.

So, if you have been hesitant, or overwhelmed, don’t worry, cause there have been leading platforms, and local shops all coming together, for you to start this adventure with no excuses. And without further ado, here are four things to bear in mind, in this journey you’d take for the rest of your life:

Do Your Research First!

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The last thing you want is to apply the wrong products on your hair. For example; having thin hair and applying a heavy product will weigh it down and eliminate all the oomph and volume. One of the most important things to master while going all natural is to learn everything about your hair and how it reacts to the external factors.

Learn about what works for your hair type and what doesn’t. With a good guide and some trials, you’ll get the hang of it, trust me! My piece of advice for you is to go and start learning everything from a trustworthy source, and the one I’d recommend is the famous – for a reason- blog and website, The Hair Addict. Their blog posts are provided by expert dermatologists and pharmacists so you won’t be taking any risks as if you were reading a normal user’s personal tips that might do you harm more than good.

Know Where and How to Shop for Your Tools! 

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One of the obstacles we can face in going all natural is the lack of resources or the difficulty of getting well-manufactured products. So always pay attention to the ingredient list and find a local supplier that provides whole, natural products and oils.

Surround Yourself with a Healthy and Supportive Community!

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Peer pressure can seriously affect us more than we’d like to admit, and constantly receiving direct messages about how messy, ugly, and bad our natural hair looks can have its toll on us. So, surround yourself with a healthy, supportive tribe that feed you positive, constructive thoughts and comments.


Join in a group that talks and parades the idea of self-love. Follow these kinds of blogs, groups, and channels to be subjected to positive feedback, and stay away from any gatherings where you meet nonconstructive people that would do nothing but pull you down!

Keep a Stock of Some Natural Treasure! 

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An easy way to start is by getting the all-purpose products that can be worth the money you pay for. Coconut oil is beneficial for your hair and your skin as well. You can apply it on your hair scalp, and on your body mixed with your everyday body lotion for extra moisture. Also, it can be massaged on your nails as cuticle oil. Shea butter can be a great moisture source as well for your skin and hair, as well as Jojoba oil.

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Well, these were some tips that would get your wheels turning on the ride of going all natural and BEAUTIFUL! Make sure you head off to The Hair Addict’s Facebook and Instagram pages for all the inspiration and tools you need!

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