FoodDoppio Zero: Your Perfect “On Budget” Get Away for Some Chill Time!

Ahmed MansourFebruary 8, 201987/1004 min
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We sure do recommend this place if you're into some chill time with your friends but you're kinda broke to do anything else. Check out our full and detailed review of the place!

As I was roaming the streets of Tamgou’, looking for the perfect place to just sit down, sip on some decent coffee, and work for a little bit, I came across this place called Doppio Zero. It’s located in Riverwalk mall, which is right next to Waterway (what’s up with the water references, running out of ideas?)

Doppio Zero calls itself a Pizzaria, or a pizza place, however, I do believe that they fall under the category of a multi-cuisine cafe/restaurant. But for what it’s worth, the food there is something out of this world. We sure do recommend trying their breakfast with their freshly cooked bread, and as we freshly baked we mean it literally since they do have their own baking oven inside their premises.

I haven’t tried their shisha, however, they do serve them … and as I understand that this can be a deal breaker for some!

Their prices are something out of this world, it’s just as if you hopped on a time machine and ordered your lunch back in 2007!

The atmosphere and the decor are just so cozy and warm, makes it the perfect winter getaway but it’s also just as hip and fun in the summertime, as I can imagine since I’ve never been to the place in the summer!

The staff is super friendly, and it’s always a treat being welcomed with a smile. The waiters are always on standby and their manager is always around tending to the customers.

Their playlist of music is kind of a cliche, the same kind of music you’d probably hear when you’re at these multinational coffee franchises. But who cares about that as long as it’s not too loud to be able to have a decent conversation with your friends.

To sum it all, we seriously do recommend this place if you’re looking for a great breakfast with your friends or better half, or if you’re simply a stray looking for some decent quality time with yourself to get some work done.

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