EntertainmentMondalida: The Egyptian Cover Band That Decided to Bring Dalida Back to Life!

They always say “Old is Gold” and we all just have to agree. The fact that some of the Egyptian musicians do realize that is hella refreshing and to me personally; I love it!

So without further ado, let me introduce to you one of the bands that decided to bring back what’s old, polish it, and introduce it to all the music fanatics out there in Egypt.


“Mondalida” is a band that was established in July 2017. Their sole purpose was to commemorate the French/Italian/Egyptian artist Dalida, which has influenced the music world since the beginning of the Fifties and even after her death in the late 1980s.

But they just didn’t stop there, In addition to the rich Dalida heritage, Mondalida offers a selection of  French song by other singers, ranging from old to modern.

“Mondalida” is one of the most recent musical experiences in the field of Indie Music in Egypt and we’re certainly in love with the band!

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You can see them perform live on Thursday, the 7th of March at Rab3 Al-Mouiz. Click here for more information.

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