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Ahmed MansourFebruary 22, 201997/1004 min
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Believe us when we say that J2D is the jewelry brand you should always consider for that they are unique, stylish, and above all exquisitely designed! 

Women might go on a shopping frenzy for shoes, bags, or dresses. But when it comes to their jewelry, the items must articulate to them and make them feel their best when they adorn these jewels that simply makes perfect! That’s why Jewels to Decorate (J2D), an Egyptian jewelry brand, deserves an applaud and the attention they sure did earn!

It all started back in 2011, when the brand was merely a page on social media but with a lot of potential. Providing pieces of jewelry that are handcrafted with intricate details and very limited quantities, everyone wanted to get their hands on them! Oh, and did we mention that each and every piece holds an intriguing story behind them?

Things then started to boom for J2D; creating for themselves a hype that was noticeable all over the country. In September 2017, J2D successfully opened their first shop that provides its customers with a surreal personal experience and to get a closer and better look at their designs.

J2D really mastered the art of storytelling through their jewelry, with their masterpiece “Miraculous”. This collection portrays the image of Saint Mary with her son Jesus Christ. Each item in the collection reflects the motherly instinct between Mary and her son with a religious resemblance.

It is not only just mere research and thought behind every collection, but the J2D goes as far as visiting actual locations to get inspired. With 7 collections, the team unraveled authentic stories about Bedouin and Nubian cultures and the Western desert of Egypt.

As a jewelry fanatic myself, it’s always important to rock that piece, that would be the cherry on top, that has a certain story to tell that no other can repeat. It’s as if it was made especially for you! The designers at J2D did understand this point very well. With their mission, to represent to the public with masterpieces that reveal the legacy and various cultures that exist in our homeland, Egypt!

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