LocalCareem Offers Rescue Rides to Transport Blood Donors Post Tragic Ramsis Incident

Nadine ArabFebruary 27, 201910072 min

In light of today’s tragic train incident at Ramsis Railway Station, Egyptian citizens are flocking to the Blood Bank. Out of empathy, the least we could do is stand together through tough times like this. As people are standing in lines to donate blood, Careem Egypt is taking a positive step towards the situation.

The leading ride-hailing company is offering free bus rides to people around Ramsis who wish to donate blood. According to Careem’s official Facebook page, buses will transport donors to the Central Blood Bank in the neighborhood.

The country is mourning, people are in pain, and even brands are trying to be socially responsible. May their souls rest in peace and may God grant strength to their families.

Nadine Arab

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