LifestyleWe Sat Down with Doaa Gawish, the Founder of The Hair Addict, and Here’s What she had to Say!

Nadine ArabMarch 19, 201922827 min

They say inspiration is everywhere, and it seems like they were not mistaken! But let me tell you why I beleive that this is very true!

As C-Town Chatter went to cover the third edition of SHECAN19, one of the leading female entrepreneur events in the region, we happened to come across a lot of people that one would consider not only an inspiration but definitely role models! And above this list of people, comes the all inspiring Doaa Gawish, the founder of The Hair Addict.

As busy as she always is, we managed to have her sit down, with her two lovely kids Hassan and Laila, to talk about how it all started, what inspires her to go on, and her future plans for the social media group that turned into a movement!

Watch the interview below!

Nadine Arab

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