TechnologyHere’s How Spotify Made it Easier for you to Celebrate Mother’s Day!

Well, today marks a special day! The day in which all of us celebrate the reason why we grew up to be the people that we are today; Our mothers!

But getting to celebrate the day without the right tunes is like having a cake without that cherry on top, however, and as usual, Spotify has got your back on this!

Via Variety

Whether a golden age classic such as Shadia’s “Mama ya Helwa”, ballads including “Oumi Thuma Oumi” or nostalgic tunes such as Joe Ashkar’s “Ya Omy” and the infamous “Shou Zghir Ya Omy El Haky” by Julia Boutros, music always has a soundtrack for us to celebrate and reflect on the best moments in life.

With their “Set Al-Habayeb” playlist, get that cherry on top and make that special day a more memorable one!

Click here for the playlist!

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