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We do beleive that LG has been able to take the lead when it comes to Smart Homes worldwide ... But since we have to support our claim, read the whole article for more information!

Technology and AI have been taking over our homes and it’s what’s trendy nowadays! I for one have been trying to transform my home into a smart one, but that decision is not as easy as it seems! Putting into consideration that there are a lot of aspects to consider; the feasibility, the capability, which brand should I rely on, and above all, how it would affect my piggy bank!

But when you come across news like this one, it sure does make the decision-making process much easier!  This Spring, LG will be communicating the power of smart technology to make life simpler and more efficient, with its array of AI-equipped appliances by showcasing its revolutionary ThinQ technology and the power of AI to an exclusive audience at InnoFest 2019.

So you’re probably wondering; How did LG revolutionize the Smart home industry through their appliances using the ThinQ technology? Well, let me break it down for you:

LG InstaView Refrigerator

Via LG

LG InstaView refrigerator aims to be a complete lifestyle aid. From weather forecasts for the day ahead to compiling shopping lists, the InstaView is designed with the whole family in mind. When a cook is unsure of what to make for dinner, they simply need to select an item from the refrigerator and choose a recipe using its touch-screen interface.

For those with entire integrated smart kitchens, ThinQ technology can also enable the chosen recipe to communicate with an LG smart oven and set it to the correct pre-heating temperature.

LG’s TWINWash Washing Machines


LG’s washing machines provide users with the ability to clean their clothes with greater speed, using two cycles simultaneously.

With the use of LG’s Smart ThinQ mobile application, homeowners can operate their washing machines from the comfort of their sofa, or even whilst on-the-go. When heading to the shops, they can also see detergent levels and ensure they are always in full supply.

So imagine if your appliances are constantly learning your habits and understanding your prefrences and providing you with solutions accordingly! Not to mention the fact that the appliances are supported with a self-diagnosis platform that’s able to notify users well in advance and also relay key information to a local call center for faster repairs.

 Now that is what we call Smart! 


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