EntertainmentDid the Saudi Turki Al-Sheikh Just Write a Song for Egyptian Superstar Amr Diab?

So Egyptian artist Amr Diab met with the head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority Turki Al-Sheikh, but it wasn’t so that they can organize a concert in Saudi or anything of that sort, it was because Al-Sheikh wrote a song dubbed “Makdresh Alnsian” that Diab will end up singing!

Quite surprising isn’t it? Well, and guess what; Amr Mostafa is going to be composing it as well!

The photo shows Amr Diab standing in front of the piano while Al-Sheikh stands to his left and Amr Mostafa holds the guitar. The Egyptian singer, a picture of him on his Facebook page, commented: “Wait for tomorrow a new song for # Amr_diab,” #Makdrash_Alansian “Nay Productions,” but did not reveal any further details.

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