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Mohamed FouadApril 22, 20193 min

Chairman of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) Ahmed Abdel-Aal said on Monday that Egypt is expected to see a heat wave from Wednesday until at least Monday.

In a statement on Monday, Abdel-Aal said that temperatures will exceed the normal ranges for this time of the year by about 3-4 degrees Celsius.

He said that hot weather is expected from the northern parts of the country to Cairo, Sinai Peninsula, and northern Upper Egypt. It will be very hot in southern Upper Egypt during the day, growing cold by night throughout all parts.

Abdel-Aal said that winds will be mostly northeasterly and moderate, active in various areas from the north of the country to Cairo and northern Upper Egypt, and will lead to the disruption of maritime navigation in the Gulf of Suez and the Red Sea.

He said that in general, the atmosphere will allow for taking to parks and gardens and enjoying the water and beaches.

Abdel-Aal recommended that people heading to northern coasts and the cities in Suez Canal and Lower Egypt governorates in the early morning be cautious while driving, as mist will impact visibility on the roads.

He advised against direct exposure to the sun for long periods without wearing a cap or a hat, and recommended increasing the rate of drinking (water) throughout the day to avoid overheating.

The statement pointed to these maximum temperatures expected during this period as follows:

Northern coasts and North Sinai from 26C to 33C.

Governorates of Lower Egypt and Cairo from 30C to 34C.

Governorates of northern Upper Egypt from 33C to 35C.

Governorates of southern Upper Egypt from 38C to 39C.

Governorates of south Sinai from 30C to 35C.

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