EntertainmentChatter: Do We Really Accept Mahmoud El Esseily’s Apology Regarding his Latest Concert Incident?


Mahmoud El Esseily has been on a spree lately, down from what he said about Mariam Fares and how it offended people with Curly heads and now with what he said to one of his fans in a concert.

A bit over the top, isn’t it? Well, on the bright side, the famed Singer came out and apologized on Social media, stating the following.


Well, I can’t say that I really accept his apology (if one would call this an apology, to be honest!). He’s growing to have unbearable attitude issues that will certainly make people less obsessed with him. It’s ok for celebrities to state their minds, after all, they’re human, but calling out a fan who wants to take a picture with you in front of all people and asking him for his “Wasta” is simply A,B,C, RUDE!

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