JobsPR Packages – The Reasons Why You Should Hire C-Town Chatter for Your PR!

If you are seeking to hire a Public Relations agency who will be responsible for building and maintaining a positive image for our company?

Well, here’s why you should consider C-town Chatter! We will be in charge of establishing and maintaining relationships with consumer, community, employee, and public interest groups by writing press releases and other media communications, and by responding to requests for information and press conferences, and coaching client representatives in the correct way of communicating with the public and with your clients.

Our Packages includes the following:

– The tailoring of a press release that will be pushed to all media entities for broadcasting. The press release will include pictures of the owners, and all those involved in the press release, for recognition.

– The exposure is not only confined to online media entities but also in print entities as well.

– Media buying for articles in industry-related media entities. With rates that are applicable for maximum exposure.

– Planning publicity strategies and campaign

We’ve always been successful in this role because we do have a deep understanding of consumer marketing.

– Writing and producing presentations and press releases whenever necessary

– Dealing with inquiries from the public, the press, and related organisations to be able to achieve the best public image.

– Providing clients with information about new promotional opportunities and current PR campaigns progress analyzing media coverage
– Liaison of the Company’s relations with media entities, reporters, and media influencers to create rapport for future coverage via giveaways and occasion-related gifts.

Extra Services to add to Packages 

– Ceasing and exploring options for sponsorship in related industries summits and conferences.
– Seek opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships, and advertising
– Address inquiries from the media and other parties
– Track media coverage and follow industry trends
– Prepare and submit PR reports
– Manage PR issues
– Media Coverage Expectations:
– At least three dedicated articles in media-related industries
– At least one campaign with an industry-related influencer.

The more you increase your budget the faster and easier you’ll get to reach your goal!


Since that we always want to wipe the competition, here are our “out of this world” rates.

For packages less EGP 150,000/month:

30% 3 months retainer (upfront) for each month and 7% on any expenses more than the 150,000/month budget.

For packages from EGP 150,000/month to EGP 300,000/month:

28% 3 months retainer (upfront) for each month and 5% on any expenses more than the 300,000/month budget.

For Packages from EGP 300,000/month to EGP 500,000/month:

20% 3 months retainer (upfront) for each month and no charge on any expenses more than 500,000/month budget.

Proposed services are available for all fees categories, subject to choices of budget allocation

C-Town Chatterer

In a nutshell, we are a bunch of opinionated writers that care about quality content. Our team is small, but it’s a team of people who really do care about what they do. Passionate and dedicated. Honest and respectful. Professional but informal. Quirky and personal.

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