FashionJ2D Jewelry: The Egyptian Silver Handmade Jewelry Brand that’s Taking the Industry by Storm!

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Egypt handmade jewelry has been taking the country by storm these days. However, only a few have managed to catch our attention and actually deserved that we highlight them for you guys!

On top of that list comes the legendary J2D Jewelry, founded by Moaz Elwan and Nehad Mahmoud ElSaid in 2011, they have managed to take the silver jewelry industry all for themselves, knocking the competition out of their way!

However, it’s not their unique designs, nor their magnificent price range, or the fact that they create a limited number of items per each design. I personally believe that what makes J2D Jewelry stand out from their peers, is the fact that each item they create has a story behind it, and it’s that of Egypt’s heritage.

Well, let’s take a bit of your time and show you what we mean by this statement we made up there!

In their latest collection, dubbed Pharaoh’s Trove, they manage to concentrate on the most storytelling troves, such as the Eye of Horus “the Wadget”, the Egyptian ankh, the Ureaus, etc. Every piece has its own value, and identity. I’d have to say, the collection is undoubtedly out of this world!

But that’s not merely the tip of the iceberg. The message that the brand really wants to spread is to amend the philosophy behind searching for the Pharaohs’ troves. People all around the world come to Egypt in search of all the treasures that are hidden, and they do so just for the wealth that it would bring to them if they ever landed on something. However, they tend to ignore the “priceless” aspect of their search, which is the heritage that they stumble upon whenever they find something.

“We are searching for what’s behind these tangible objects, and the stories can be told by these troves. How many people were in that place? Which pharaoh left this marvelous item? What our ancestors are trying to tell us? What to keep, and what to sacrifice? Here, we are trying to build a rapport between the past and the present, which will definitely lead us to restore yesterday’s glory.” Said Moaz Elwan to C-Town Chatter Magazine.

For more information about the collection and their pieces, in general, make sure you check out their Instagram page and their Facebook page as well.

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