EntertainmentSpotify Playlists: Here’re the Best Egyptian Rap Songs Ever Created!

Ahmed MansourSeptember 24, 20192 min

Rap is probably the hottest genre in Egypt right now, besides Hip-hop of course! It has been growing for approximately the past 10 years but it has finally garnered the attention it deserves.

With Rappers such as Abyusif, Afroto, and Shahyn the whole game has been revolutionized and we’d have to say their songs are really addictive!

And with how these rappers literally boomed over Social Media with their tracks, it’s really quite astounding that some of their fans put these rappers in a playlist with 2pac and Biggy Smalls!

But we wonder, who’d actually compile these “booming” songs into one list that you can actually access hassle-free? Well, yep you got it right it’s the one and only Spotify!

So here’s a playlist for you guys that has all the hottest songs of the genre here in Egypt. Thank us later!

Ahmed Mansour

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