EntertainmentChatterers Review: Netflix Original Horror Series “Marianne” is it Worth Your Precious Time?

Salma MaherSeptember 29, 201997/10024514 min
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Here's what we think of Netflix's original horror series Marianne. For the full review, scroll down for the article!

As a horror movies/series fanatic myself, it’s really quite hard these days to land on something to watch that is actually worth our time, however, (and since that Netflix never fails) I managed to come across a Netflix Original Called Marianne and it’s literally out of this world!

Via Bloody Disgusting

Aside from the fact that the almighty Stephen King has stated to Business Insider that he loved the series and he actually compared it to Stranger Things, we sure do think so too! The French series does give some Stranger Things vibes, but a bit darker and a whole lot more artistic, cinematography wise! oh, and did we mention the fact that it scored 100% on Rotten Tomatoes?

But if I had to pinpoint one thing that would make Marianne shine from all the rest of the horror series on Netflix, it would have to be the diversity of content that it proposes for the viewer. In just one episode you’d get to laugh your heart out, go all “owe”, and most importantly almost freak out!

Via Bloody Disgusting

The cliff hangers on this series are UNBELIEVABLE, it took me around two days to finish the whole series and not to spoil anything, but we’re happy to say that there is probably a season two! YAAAY!

So in case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the series’ trailer

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