FashionChatterers Going Local: We Sat Down With Chief Brand Officer of Maksters Khaled Makki and Here’s What he had to Say!

Salma MaherOctober 1, 201930182 min

From dressing leading Hollywood A-listers on red carpets to showcasing their work at international fashion weeks, Arab designers are leaving their mark on the global fashion scene. But since that all designers have to start somewhere, it’s really quite refreshing having someone who’d share his experience with the rest of us!

So, since we always manage to get you what you want to know, we sat down with Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, and Chief Brand Officer of Maksters, Khaled Makki, so that he’d share his journey to becoming one of the most promising fashion designers in the region!

Oh, did we mention that one of the questions was powered by J2D Jewelry, a local handmade silver jewelry brand? 

On a side note; don’t you think he rocks that hat like a boss? 

Salma Maher

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