TechnologySpotify’s “Yalla” Playlist is All You Need to Be Playing Right Now and Here’s Why!

Have you ever imagined having your own DJ? I mean like a very well music-informed person with you at all times? On your morning rides to work, while working, while showering (we don’t judge)! Well, that’ll be freaking awesome, wouldn’t it?

Well, I know that this will come as no surprise whatsoever, but Spotify‘s playlists are the closest thing to that! And for all you doubters out there here’s the proof!

Their playlist “Yalla” certainly proves my point … Their choice of songs is certainly spot-on and it had exactly all the songs that I wanted to listen to at the time!

Oh, did we mention that the beauty of this playlist is the fact that it gathers all the hit songs from the region and not just Egypt? Morroco vibes, Romantic Levant tunes … Name it and it’ll be there!

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

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