HealthDomestic Violence in the Arab World: Will it Ever Come to an End?

Ahmed MansourOctober 31, 20194 min

A Jordanian man beat his wife to death in the couple’s hometown of Al Rasifa in Jordan’s Al Zarqa’a governorate over the weekend. The woman was hospitalized on Friday night after she was horrifically attacked by her abusive husband but succumbed to her injuries hours later.

General Security spokesman Amer Al Saratawi explained that Al Rasifa’s Family Protection Unit (FPU) was notified of the case when the woman arrived at a local hospital.

“The victim told medics she was beaten by her husband. He was then arrested and admitted to physically assaulting his wife,” Al Saratawi said before confirming the victim’s death on Saturday morning. “Her body has been referred to the coroner’s office in order for her cause of death to be determined. Investigations into the case are still ongoing,” he added.

News of the woman’s murder sparked outrage in Jordan after it circulated online. Many called on authorities to immediately refer the man to public prosecution, while others expressed worries over the fact that legal loopholes are often implemented in such cases and could end up being applied in this one.

Some criticized local media for headlining the victim’s death without directly stating that she was violently killed by her husband.

Twitter user Hadeel A. Aziz highlighted this specific point in a tweet in which she called out media outlets who often downplay violence against women in the region.

“This headline is wrong. The correct one is: A man killed his wife after beating her to death,” she wrote in her response to one such headline.

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