Fashion2019’s Black Friday is Here and These are the Hottest Deals on Jumia!

Ahmed MansourNovember 8, 201915148 min

Got some money you need to spend on the essential stuff that you’ve been holding off for some time now? Well, Black Friday is here and we’d have to say the sale is just amazing!

And since we know that most of you do not have the time to scroll through all these items, we’ve managed to compile for you the hottest deals on Jumia!

Braun 7-in-1 Trimming Set – LE 799 instead of 1,599

If you grow a new beard every week, you’d know the hassle of finding a decent trimming set! I’ve been using this one myself, and for that price, I think it’s a bargain! It’s durable, the battery lasts forever, and it’s really effective!

ATA 55-inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV – 5,399 instead of 6,299

We know that it’s not really Samsung or LG but with these specs and that price, I think that it’s literally a steal. Also, we should add that ATA television really does have great speakers!

Listerine Cool Mint Mouthwash – LE 27 instead of LE 51

A necessity in every home and the fact that Jumia is offering it for almost half the price, makes you think that you should buy them in bulk! It’s terrible when you wake up in the morning, or after a Renga and Fesekh meal and you find out that you ran out of Listrine!

Art Home Sectional Sofa – 3 Seats – Navy Blue – LE 2,450 instead of LE 5,500

You can never go wrong with home decor. Well, you can but not with this piece at least. Its price is really great for the fact that it’s a three-seaters … But we’re not sure about the quality though!

DELL G5 Gaming Laptop – For LE 17,999 instead of LE 19,999

For the past three months, I’ve been researching thoughtfully to upgrade my laptop. Been working on mine for the past 4 years, every day, excessively! And after searching non-stop; I decided that I will either buy the HP Omen or the Dell G5. Yes, I know that the HP is much better, but the fact that it comes with a hefty price tag made me reconsider.

However, seeing this baby right here with that price, well, I’ll definitely be ordering it from there!

Hometown PVC Large Beanbag – LE 315 instead of LE 525

Looking to redecorate your open area or office for that matter, then this offer is probably for you! That’s as cheap as beanbags come by the way! So, if you’re planning to skip this one you should definitely reconsider!

Durex Pleasure Me – LE 200 instead of LE 300 

Well, this one speaks for itself!

Saw any that you think should’ve made it to the list? Make sure to holler! 



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