EntertainmentHere’s One More Reason to Have Spotify’s Playlist “This is Amr Diab” on Repeat this Christmas!

Mohamed FouadNovember 18, 20196 min

If you’ve been living under a rock, you’d have probably still heard of Spotify‘s banner of Amr Diab at Times Square in New York! The news literally went viral on all the social media platforms, acknowledging how our very own legendary pop star is an international icon and not just in the Middle East.

But the thing that you’ve probably missed is that what Spotify was trying to do is to push for that playlist they have on their platform for Amr Diab called “This is Amr Diab“! A perfectly well-made list that will take you down memory lane, and up, with all the hits that we grew up to and still blast till this moment!

Wait, we still didn’t get to the part about the one more reason to have this playlist on repeat! The legendary music streaming platform has managed to bring Christmas a bit earlier than usual by bringing back their three months for just 49.99 EGP offer!

But note this: If you’ve tried Premium before and ended their subscription for whatever reason – that means you pay for only one month of Premium and the next two are on them. And don’t forget, for those who haven’t subscribed to Spotify before or are a free user, you can still give yourself the gift of ad-free music, listening with Spotify Premium’s three months free always-on offer.

Want to get into the Christmas vibes already? Make sure you listen to “Last Christmas” and “ُEl Layli Laylit El Milad”, and “All I Want for Christmas” ad-free with it’s the global Spotify Premium holiday offer!

Now that’s a company that knows how to pamper its audience! 

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