HealthJobs Will Be Lost and Dogs will Go Stray if you Didn’t Help Unleashed Rescue for Stray Dogs in Egypt Right Now!

Mohamed FouadNovember 20, 20194 min

Almost all of us understand that the issue of stray dogs in Egypt has been going out of hand! But believe me when I say that this dilemma could be a hundred times worse without the help of selfless people around the country that give shelter to these harmless creatures!

Unleashed Rescue for Stray Dogs comes on top of these shelters here in Egypt. Why, you ask? Because I have been following their Facebook page for quite some time now, and I couldn’t help but notice that their dedication to putting an end to this issue is simply never-ending!

But as massive as this is, It’s certainly hard for one shelter, or a hundred for that matter, to put an end to it; We all have to pitch in and start helping! But before I tell how you can do so, let me give you one more reason why you certainly should go ahead and donate!

Shelters all around Egypt, they do not only provide shelter and medical attention for dogs (which should be enough reason anyway!) they also provide decent jobs with good pay for Egyptians everywhere! So when you’re donating to these shelters, that are in dire need of your help, you’re not only helping out stray dogs, you’re also helping a decent man or a woman keep their job so that they can continue providing for their families!

So, here’s one of their posts and all the information you’ll need to help!

Mohamed Fouad

With a bright career in child protection and an interest in social transformation, Fouad’s two cents are worth a lot. He also has a master’s degree in Education and International Development.

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