FashionChatterers Going Local: Get Your Warming Winter Knits By These Egyptian Brands

Summer El-MorallyNovember 21, 201941076 min

What is a better time than now to snuggle in a warm blanket and to wear some colorful chunky scarves? It is really getting chilly here, and with the insane prices of the winter clothes, we definitely don’t want to pay a fortune on scarves and caps, especially that we usually get them in different colors. So, as you know by now, from our #chatterersgoinglocal campaign, we always manage to find what we need, locally here in Egypt. So, after a little bit of scrolling and researching, here are five online boutiques that have all the knits you’ll need in this gloomy season:


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One can never have enough throw blankets, right? They keep you warm, they are soft, and they make a great home decor item for this season. This throw one by Croyarn is too good to skip, in addition to the customized Winter boxes that you can order in any color you want.

The Yarn Family 

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The Yarn Family makes the cutest baby blankets we’ve ever seen! You get them customized from the color scheme, size, to the cartoon characters you’d like to wrap your baby in. They also have crochet toys that are washable, safer to play with, and also customized.


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The good old knitwear never goes out of style, and when you find someone who makes them well and detailed, it adds so much to its value. And if you don’t know which style to go for, you have to check this Shawl Cape that will keep you warm in style.

Shades Egypt 

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Shades’ online store offers all sorts of knits, handmade with love by Egyptian women providing for their families. They have a variety of throw ons, shawls, and also the eco-friendly shopping bag that will help you go plastic-free whenever you shop.

Yarns Designs 

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Yarns Designs’ matching scarf and head cap sets will keep you well snugged with any outfit you wear. They also make decorative woolen dream catchers of different sizes and designs.

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