EntertainmentIn Photos: Coldplay’s Long Awaited Concert in Jordan was Something Out of This World!

Omar GhazalNovember 25, 201916006 min

The world seems to be “stuck in reverse” these days. As we reach the next level with our technology, we realize the impact it has on the planet. Gone are the days of simplicity and zero-emission machinery, though we’re bound to go back crawling to them as pollution is eating us up.

Why the ambiguity when the headline is obviously about Coldplay and their unique one-off concert in Jordan? Because regardless of whether or not you gave Everyday Life, their newest album, a listen and if you enjoyed it, you won’t get to watch them perform these tracks live. Chris Martin, the lead singer of the British band, declared it official to the BBC that the five-member group will be taking a break from world tours. The reason for this decision is the decaying environment.

“We’re taking time over the next year or two, to work out how our tour can not only be sustainable [but] how can it be actively beneficial,” Martin told the BBC, emphasizing how the band would be “disappointed” if their next tour isn’t carbon neutral.

A lot of traveling took place in honor of Coldplay’s concert in Jordan as no one is Greta Thunberg to reach out for a ship to drop them off there casually; the entire crew along with the vocals and musicians had to travel by plane to reach the country. Fans and press also flew in to watch them play.

Still, the band has decided to take a step back to think of planet Earth and future generations.

The carbon footprint left by world tours of musicians, whether a band or a solo artist, is quite damaging to what’s left of the environment. So maybe, just maybe, a name as known as Coldplay would succeed in setting a green trend in the music industry.

From a selfish perspective though, the band’s marketing campaign for Everyday Life has brought tears of joy to many Jordanians and neighboring Arabs. The band had never performed in the Levant prior to this month, so choosing an Arab country made all the difference. Irrespective of the group’s conscious resolution, Jordan won the chance of continuous advertisement – at least for the week of the band’s stay – to its most photogenic scenery.

To be fair, the dream of preserving the planet by creating “environmentally beneficial” tours will, in the long run, help preserve the same scenery that attracted Coldplay to Jordan. So yeah, I approve of their plan and so should everyone.

Omar Ghazal

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