Fashion#2019 Recap: Looking at How our Egyptian Instagram Icons Rocked This Year’s Hottest Trends

Summer El-MorallyDecember 9, 201910 min

A whole year has passed by, and we have a compilation of fashion trends that made 2019 a little more fun. While thinking about this article, we thought that the best way to recap the trends of this year is via sharing how our Egyptian Instagram icons and celebrities rocked these trends. Because let’s admit it, while we can be updated with a couple of trends, the IG icons are always one step ahead.

So, without further ado, let’s check the biggest 2019 Fashion trends, worn by our beloved Egyptian gurus:

Puffy Headbands

Via Instagram

It’s fun to see these puffy headbands back in the fashion scene looking all glammed up and bedazzled. I am sure most of you have seen your mama wear one of these as they were a fashion statement at the beginning of the 90s. Well, this Fall, we have seen them coming back, and the most polished mama of all time, Noha El Sherbiny was seen rocking one that was too good not to highlight!

Embellished Hairclips

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This trend gives us the Coco Chanel elegance and it’s the perfect way to set your wild bangs aside. We love how Dania el Banawy paired these pearl hairclips together. This trend has been here since the Summer season but we had to choose this look by Mrs. Fahmy as her fashion choices always give you fresh ideas, without being too safe or too much.

Bold Chunky Sneakers

Via Instagram

This one is a bit tricky because it can look oddish so easily, and for the longest time, people have steered away from shoewear that makes their feet look anything near bigger. Now, it’s the total opposite, and this one by Nourhan Eissa proves that it can look so good. We love the multicolored fun shoes, and how she styled it with the Satin set by Kojak. Again, Eissa is one of the people that you can rarely see wearing something off, and what we love more about her, is the transparent and sincere posts she shares with her fans.

Them Tiny Sunglasses

Via Instagram 

We are aware that the sole purpose of wearing sunglasses is to protect your eye area from the sun, but we all know that’s not what we consider when choosing our sunglasses, and especially with these cute tiny sunglasses. For this trend, here’s Yasmine Genedy, Aka The Pharaoh in Stilettos, looking so fine with these shades on. Genedy also creates the most entertaining fashion and getting ready videos that we are currently binging on.

Jeans With Side Stripes

We’ve seen side-striped pants for a long time with their peak in 2019. It’s a cool addition to the good old skinnies we love and wear religiously. Our favorite look for this trend is this simple, light, and fun one by Dina Dash. Little Miss Dina has a solid clean taste in Fashion, and her makeup skills are insanely good! You have to check her makeup videos, cause it has got our whole entire team obsessed.

Beaded Mini Bags

Via Instagram

The mini bag trend is one of the biggest hits in 2019, that we already mentioned before, then this fun edition followed. We have to say that these handmade detailed beaded bags are an altruistic way to dress up your look. This one Zayneb Azzam is wearing is such an eye-candy, exactly like her owner. This is not our only favorite choice from the Turkish-Egyptian model, her outfits in GIFF 2019 were all on point.

The Pleated Skirt

Via Instagram

Again, another trend rising from the dead, or from two Summers ago, but this time it’s meant to be for Wintertime. Pleated skirts in dark colors are coming back this winter and they are adding the most feminine touch to any edgy outfit.  The Founder of the TDC, Fayrouz Eid is the live proof of what we’ve just said. Setting aside fashion, if you follow Fayrouz, you’ll get your daily dose of positivity, health tips, and all the power you need to achieve your dreams. Trust me, this is not an exaggeration.

That’s it for this list, even though it can go on for eternity. If you want to keep on with the fashion thing, check this out: Update Your Wardrobe With These 5 Winter Trends of 2019

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