EntertainmentSpotify Just “Wrapped” This Year’s Top Tracks and the Playlists are Just the Perfect Ending for 2019!

Mohamed FouadDecember 21, 20193 min

2019 certainly had its ups and downs, it was literally a roller coaster ride! But if I’d had to choose one thing that literally helped me survive this year, and I wouldn’t be exaggerating, I’d have to choose music! Either the ones that themed a certain situation I was going through, or others that wised me up a bit!

And since that Spotify knows how important music is in our lives, they have managed to gather up all the 2019 tracks into playlists so that we can reminisce over them.

What’s smart about the playlists that Spotify has worked up, is that they categorized the year’s hits into three playlists: Top Arabic Tracks of 2019, that has all the hits from the Arab World, Top Artists of 2019, which has all the top trending artists in the world, and Top Tracks of 2019, which (obviously) has the top tracks of 2019!

Check them out below and don’t forget to share with us your favorite tracks of the year!

Mohamed Fouad

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