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Ahmed MansourDecember 22, 2019309732 min

Who can survive without that perfect cup of coffee in the morning, afternoon, evening, or sometimes at 4 in the morning leading to your friend’s boyfriend making fun of you (true story)! Well, I can tell for certain that no one can – except for those annoying people that do not need coffee in the morning to be able to function probably.

So, since we always bring you what’s what when it comes to everything that we love and adore, we deiced that we’d list for you guys the top coffee places in Cairo, leaving out these obvious options that we all sure do love, such as Starbucks for example (yes. they are one of our clients …). So without further ado, here’s the list:

Cafe Greco

This coffee place in one of our best for plenty of reasons … We start with the fact that their coffee is just delicious and we’ll end it with the fact that the staff is extremely friendly and polite. It’s quite refreshing being greeted with a huge smile in the morning!

Espresso Lab

Few would consider this place as one of the “obvious” we’ve mentioned above, but the thing is many do not know how awesome their coffee is! I was recently introduced to the place by wife, she took me to their branch in Point 90 and that’s when I heard how she used to leave uni and go there to study.

Zack’s Bakery Cafe


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Art you can drink! #MadeWithLove For delivery call: 5th Settlement Branch: 01226072555 El-Rehab Branch: 01220497357

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If you have that french in you and you just can’t go about your day without having your bakery and decent coffee, then this place is certainly for you! Their bakery is as fresh as it comes and their coffee is simply délicieux! 



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Because working from the office is too cliche! #QahwaAllDay #Dessert #Coffee

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Qahwa is a go-to spot for locals in Cairo, especially among youths, as their coffees are great and the vibe is hip. From American to Arabic-styles, they have your coffee needs covered here. Once in a while, they’ll even give you a free coffee if you promise them that you’ll hug your mother or some other acts of kindness.

Coffee Corner

It’s a simple yet amazing place, you can’t and will not find anything special there, however, they do serve a great and fulfilling cup of coffee! They claim that they have the taste of Italy, who am I to argue!


This one I like to call “the Hobbit Den of Coffee lovers” … I could be perfectly described as a hole in the ground for all coffee lovers out there and it’s always cozy and warm as a hobbit always keeps his home!

Eish + Malh


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This one is like an honorary mention, because it’s not really a coffee place, it’s more of a restaurant that serves great food smothered with cheese! But I did try their coffee once and hands down they can easily compete with the giants of coffee in the market! Look at how happy this guy is!

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