FashionA Simple Guy’s Perspective: Dear Ladies, We Don’t Really Care About your “Designer” Outfit!

Ahmed MansourDecember 29, 20196 min

DISCLAIMER: This is an opinionated article and has nothing to do with women’s rights to wear whatever they want to be wearing or anything of that sort. This – wannabe – article is merely written as a controversial opinion that it is not so controversial to most, if not all, men in the Arab world (or worldwide for that matter!) … And now since we got this out of the way, here’s the not-so-important opinion! 

Oh, let’s not forget that we are not talking about the attitude or anything like that, this one is an exclusively fashion article! 


Catchy title, isn’t it? Well, believe me when I say that this is the closest thing to the truth. Us, as men, we do not really fancy how expensive your bag, purse, shoes, etc are. Some of us are just extremely primitive; that all we care about is the fact that you do smell nice. But hey, I’m not stating that you should look like you just got out of a cockfight pit, it’s always nice to look altogether and stuff.

But none of us really went on in a relationship or decided that he should start dating someone because she was rocking a Michael Kors bag or a Louis Vitton pair of shoes. You can still rock shoes from Al-Tawheed Wl Noor and look as attractive and charming as one of the Kardashians on their best days (not that I believe that they are sexy or attractive in any way!)

Some of the expensive stuff looks ridiculous as the picture below!

There are many aspects in which we can actually tackle this subject, first and foremost, is that tiny weeny issue that they sure do cost a fortune. Most would actually debate the fact that when you tend to pay sh*t, you’ll be getting sh*t! Well, I agree, but that doesn’t mean that when you pay your whole month’s paycheck on a shirt that you’ll be able to pass it on to your grand, grandchildren! Things get ruined no matter how careful you are! And Men sure do appreciate a financially smart woman!

Solution: That’s why God inspired man to create those budget-friendly brands that are still good to wear (ever heard about Massimo Dutti!) These brands are fashionable, great quality, and guess what they last exactly as long as all the other brands that cost a knee and an elbow to buy!

As humble as I claim to be, I’m not really trying to create a movement against all the Designers out there! As soon as my wife knew that I was writing this article, she told me “You’re still paying for next designer bag though!” and who am I to debate, I’ll still pay for it and there’s nothing that I can do about it!

So to sum it all, this article is merely an opinionated attempt to “cry for help”! Women of the world, please sympathize and help us save some pennies! As for you financially independent women; there are smarter ways to spend your money and believe me when I say that Designer’s outfits are not as essential as you might think we men think!

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