SportBest Gyms in Cairo’s El-Sheikh Zayed: The Review and Contact Information!

Ahmed MansourDecember 29, 20197 min

If you happen to be a lazy ass, just like I am, then believe me you’re living that lifestyle that will probably end your life a tat earlier than it should! Yes, we understand that it’s all about God’s decision, but one’s got to do his part, right?

So, as cool as we always are, we decided to compile for you a list of Gyms that are great and somehow affordable, Sheikh Zayed is an expensive area, so with that being said, it wasn’t really an easy task to land these places! But that’s not all, we’ll also give you their rating based on people who’ve been and all the contact info that you’ll need to contact them and book your spot!

Gold’s Gym – Beverly Hills Compound – 4.3 out of 5

I think this one speaks for its self … Quality-wise and price-wise too! Don’t be fooled by a franchise’s name. they don’t always live up to your expectations, but this branch specifically was really neat, not really crowded, and their trainers are always helpful and ready to assist in any way. I remember when I had a strain one day, the whole crew was there to assist, even some of the people started helping too (don’t blame me; I was zealous, young, and stupid!”The machinery always seems to be brand new and you can barely see any of them out of service!

Phone Number: 01002518533

Samia Allouba Gym, Dance, and Fitness Center – 4.1 out of 5

If you’re not really into weight lifting and you sure do care about moving your body the way your abs, thighs, and arms would love, then Samia Allouba is certainly the gym for you and the reason why is really obvious in the subtitle. Their dance classes are fun and always swamped, not in the way that would make you just grab your things and go home! The community there is astounding and that’s one of the best things that they do offer!

I don’t think I have to talk about the machinery in this one. Common’ it’s Samia Allouba!

Phone Number: 01212444180

WAVE GYM Beverly Hills Branch – 3.7 out of 5

Well, this one is the weakest of the bunch, however, for its price per month, it’s certainly a great deal. You wouldn’t have to write down a cheque with half your fortune to a gym (that you probably won’t be going as much as you expected … We’ve established that we are the lazy bunch, so yeah!). But I feel obligated to say this, the crew was SUPER DUPER DUPER hospitable, which is for me much better than fancy decorations!

The equipment was not all the, to be honest, they were kinda old and worn out, but never out of service!

Phone Number: 01116444243

UFC Gym – 4.8 out of 5

Well, as they always say, save best for last! UF Gym is like the “Crème de la Crème” of all the sports venues here in Sheikh Zayed. It has everything that you’d ever want in a gym, experienced trainers, brand new equipment, amazing community, etc etc etc. Yes, it sure does come with a hefty price tag but it’s kind of worth it.

What I really love about that place is that it combines all the other forms of working out, such as cross-fit, into one! I’d really recommend this one to everyone!

Phone Number: 01033304441

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