EntertainmentZed Park to Host One of the Biggest Music Events the Middle East Has Ever Seen and Here’s the Lineup!

Ora Developments just gave us the BEST EVER Christmas gift! It’s the kind of gift that we’d get to enjoy all year round and it’s something out of this world … Got what it is? Well, yes its ZED Park in Sheikh Zayed, Cairo! ZED Park by far has hosted many of the region’s hottest events; Tough Mudder, Winter Wonderland, and this one we’re about to tell you about!

According to a press release; ZED Park is introducing the first edition of Middle East Music Event (MEME), the greatest music event the Middle East has to offer, as part of its entertainment platform “ZED Park Presents”. The three-day music event is scheduled to take place from 9-11 January and will showcase a series of alternative music performances for renowned and underground bands, such as: Massar Egbari, Sharmoofers, Cairokee, Wust El Balad, and Marwan Pablo.

Haitham Mohamed, CEO of Ora Developers Egypt, stated: “We’re very proud to present the first edition of MEME, that is set to bring the best Egyptian voices to Cairo residents through “ZED Park Presents”, our newly launched entertainment platform. The event will take place at our ZED Park that has already transformed into an entertainment and musical destination this month. We are grateful to be working closely with the well-established production company Nacelle, to offer this exceptional experience at ZED Park, and we are confident that it will leave a lasting impression on our visitors.”

Here’s the Schedule for the three days long event:

First Day: 


Massar Egbari


Akher Zapheer


Second Day: 


Wust El Balad





Marwan Pablo

Third and Final Day: 

High Dam



Al Nather


Dina El Wedidi 

Aziz Maraka 


Make sure you check out our podcast interview with Haitham Mohamed below!

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