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Mohamed FouadFebruary 13, 202013 min

With the cold and windy winter months moving towards a memory, and schools and universities are back in session, it’s officially back to reality for thousands of students across Egypt, and time to hit the books again. If a little extra motivation is needed to help shake off the cold crisp air and get back on track for the semester ahead, then some of Spotify’s bespoke features and focus hubs may just have the inspiration you’re looking for.  

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Does the sound of soothing instruments such as the piano help you find an answer to that mathematical problem? Do you look for a melodic beat to help you power through an all-nighter, or simply need a study break companion? With over 50 million tracks and 3 billion playlists available, Spotify sure has got you covered for revision season. 

Here are some of the top tips for back-to-school streaming:  

Playlists for in-the-zone studying  

Are you a person that requires a backdrop of Arabic pop beats to escape the world around you? Or maybe lyrics distract you and instead you study better with white noise or calm, classical music? Worry not, Spotify has playlists to suit any preference. The Spotify Focus Hub features playlists such as Instrumental StudyMusic for ConcentrationBeats to Think To and much more.  

Listen offline 

We all know that campus Wi-Fi can be a little unstable, making it difficult to listen to your favorite playlists online. Don’t worry, with a Spotify Premium account, you can download your playlists onto your device and listen offline no matter where you are on campus – walking to lectures or working in the library.   

Bedtime routine  

We all know that winter break in Egypt comes with lazy mornings and struggles to adapt back to your early morning routine, so if you’re having trouble finding the motivation to help you go back to being a responsible young adult with a sensible sleep schedule – look no more! Spotify’s playlists of serene and relaxing music are the perfect solution to put you to sleep just before bedtime. All playlists in the sleeping hub can be found here. 

Boost Your Brain Power 

Regular exercise is a great way to boost your mood and reduce stress. Alongside proper nutrition and a good night’s sleep, exercise also helps the brain to improve memory and thinking skills. It can jumpstart your brain for a marathon study session or help you destress during an intense academic period. Spotify offers a wide catalog of workout playlists, which can be found under “Browse” and “Moods & Genres.” Playlists include Arabic Gym EssentialsBeast ModeYALLA!, and more. To get your zen on check out Sunrise YogaHip-Hop Yoga, and Cool Down. 

Create your 2020 Anthem 

Curate your personalized power playlist for 2020 with all the music that inspires, motivates and energizes you, set your goals for the new year and get going! 

And because Spotify knows what you like, when you get to the end of your playlists or albums, let Spotify generate new music, similar to what you just listened to, by allowing Autoplay (go to “Settings,” then go to “Playback” and choose “Autoplay”). 

Mohamed Fouad

With a bright career in child protection and an interest in social transformation, Fouad’s two cents are worth a lot. He also has a master’s degree in Education and International Development.

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