LifestyleChatter: 5 Hacks That Will Help You Survive School!

Adham MounirFebruary 24, 20206 min

Have you ever been in a tight situation in school? Thrown up against a wall hoping you had a secret weapon to utilize in the heat of battle? well, my friends today I will give you that secret weapon, lifehacks!  

As a student, I often find myself in need of help in school, so over the years, I learned some hacks that will make the life of any student just a little bit easier! 

Always Have Backup! 

Having friends around always soothes any pain. Make sure that you befriend all those in your class. KNOWING your classmates will always come in handy, from helping you when it comes to your studies, to plain having fun! 

Befriend Your Teachers

Now, we all know at least one annoying teacher in school. Well, in the misfortunate case that you have one of these teachers’ classes you should probably befriend them.

Well, in the sad, sad case that you happen to be taught by one of those “get on your nerves” teachers, make sure that you have him as a friend rather than an enemy that will simply make your life plain harder! 

Might Sound Naive … But Sleep Early!

Yeah, yeah, I know you have heard this one before, but there is a reason for that, IT’S TRUE! You have to sleep early to wake up early. As a human, you have to sleep eight hours a day and believe me when I say that your school won’t really care much if you didn’t. So when we tell you to sleep early it is for the greater good. Trust me when I say, sleeping early is a virtue that you won’t be having in college! 


Ahh, the good old principle; We all know him, we don’t all love him, but we know him! It’s every student’s nightmare to be in the principle’s blacklist. Every move you make, every breath you take, and every little mistake you make, the principal is there to call you out on it. You will never be able to escape the blacklist, preventing your self from getting on it should be your number one priority.

Always Help Out Your Friends, Those Who Didn’t Help you did Not End Up Being Millionaires!

Most people do have these close friends that they would call the “Wolf Gang” (if you’ve watched the Hangover, you’d get what I mean!). All of these groups work on the “pay it forward” basis, and that’s what you need to be doing. Always make sure that you help out a friend, or even a stranger, so that you would find someone to help in return on a rainy day!

Missed a point or two? Make sure you add them in the comments section below! 

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