HealthFemale Circumcision: Will it Ever Come to an End in Egypt?

Female Gentile Mutilation … A dilemma that Egypt has been facing since the rise of dawn (not to that extent but it sure does feel like it)! It’s something that no matter how easy it seems that people shouldn’t be doing it, illiteracy in others seem to think otherwise!

Egypt has been taking the matter seriously after one girl has died from an infection a week ago. Putting everything under a microscope and increasing the awareness campaigns to try to reduce those frightening numbers! Recently, Minister of Social Solidarity Nevin Al-Qabbaj on Thursday launched a national program to raise public awareness on the importance of societal development, including a campaign to fight female circumcision.

Female Circumcision: Will it Ever Come to an End in Egypt?

But you’d think that this will actually work, right?

The country has been working on awareness campaigns, penalties on the parents if they ever perform the procedure on their daughters, groups, and they’ve even assigned a person in each hospital in the rural areas to report such cases but nothing actually seems to change … People are still performing them on their daughters and nothing is actually happening.

Female Circumcision: Will it Ever Come to an End in Egypt?

According to a statement by the Minister; The program is based on raising positive awareness in 12 societal issues including economic empowerment, education, knowledge and eliminating illiteracy, mother and child health, positive parenting, early discovery of disability, illegal immigration, population increase, female gentile mutilation, child marriage, cleanness, and hygiene, combating drugs, citizenship and respecting religious and cultural diversity.

In my humble opinion, I do believe that drastic action should be done. See the thing is I do not know what it is, but what I know for sure is that if you keep trying the same method, you’ll always be having the same results. We need to be able to come up with new and original solutions to put an end to this massive issue that does not garner the attention it deserves!

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