TravelHere’s Our Review of the Dabab Warwick Hotel in Riyadh!

Here’s Our Review of the Dabab Warwick Hotel in Riyadh!
Here’s Our Review of the Dabab Warwick Hotel in Riyadh!
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We've stayed at Dabab Hotel by Warwick in Riyadh and here's what we thought of that masterpiece of a hotel!

Since we came into Saudi Arabia to launch C-Town Saudi, It was really a hassle to come across a hotel that would accommodate our busy, busy schedule and offer the facilities that we would utilize to gain the maximum out of our stay. So, after extensive research and price comparison; we cam across Dabab Warwick hotel … and I’d have to say it was literally the perfect match!

Dabab Warwick Hotel in Riyadh

So, let’s start with the rooms; believe me when I say that they are as spacious as they come. The beds are super comfortable, the linens are really soft and they always smell fresh, and the bathroom can be considered to be a whole other room. The rooms are equipped with everything you’d ever need to make your stay as comfortable as possible; a big TV, air conditioning, a decently priced minibar, super-duper fast Wifi, and around the clock room service.

Dabab Warwick Hotel in Riyadh

What makes this hotel literally the best option for your stay in Riyadh is the fact that it’s located in the center of the city. It’s located 25 minutes away from King Khalid International Airport and 15 minutes from the Exhibition Center and Diplomatic Quarter and the fact that the hotel has 8 conference halls equipped with the latest audio and video aids, made it easier for us to conduct our meetings in the hotel, fancy that!

But that’s not all, the Dabab Warwick offers literally everything that any hotel would offer, but at an affordable price. Their top of the line swimming pool (that you’ll probably need to beat the hot summer weather) and their gym; which is not so big, however, it has everything to keep your heart pumping.

Dabab Warwick Hotel in Riyadh

As working people, we decided that we should pay that extra penny and have our stay on full board and trust me, it was one of the wisest decisions we’ve ever taken. The food is SPECTACULAR! There’s nothing that you’d be craving that you can’t find on their menu! International cuisine, check! Oriental cuisine, check! Healthy food, Check! Amazing dessert, check!

Dabab Warwick Hotel in Riyadh

P.S. Their Mushroom Steak dish is to die for! 

As we are seriously thinking that we should have a launching ceremony in Saudi, we had to check if the hotel was equipped with something that would help us in terms of this too. and no surprise there, they do have a wedding and event hall that can hold up to 250 people and the price was not that expensive at all!

In conclusion; Dabab Warwick hotel is certainly the hotel that you should be staying at whenever you’re visiting Riyadh. Their prices are great, the staff is super friendly, and it has everything you’ll ever need to have an unforgettable stay.

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