HealthThanks To These Gyms and Fitness Instructors, We Have A Free Daily Workout Routine To Follow on Instagram in Our Quarantine!

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At times like this, we need to motivate ourselves and fight the constant urge of being totally lazy, and eating the whole fridge in one night from boredom! If you have been an avid gym-goer or you enjoyed taking walks from time to time, this quarantine sure makes it feel like hell for you! And to be honest, even as non-gym goers, we do feel so out of energy, and if we stay like this for the rest of next month, we’d have to buy a whole new wardrobe because nothing will fit.

Well, some decided to do something about it, and it’s for FREE! A couple of gyms and fitness coaches decided to spread positivity and host live fitness classes on Instagram. That way, we have no excuse as most of us are spending 80% of time online anyways to check news and to kill some time. So, without further ado, here is a list of the gyms and fitness coaches that are posting online classes:

 Amina Naguib and B-urn

Via Instagram

Amina Naguib and B_urn are doing free Live Lagree classes at 11:00 AM each day!


Via Instagram

FlowbyFarah holds live Yoga Sessions each day as well!


Via Instagram

CrossfitEngine38 posts videos and images for home workouts


Via Instagram

Move posts daily workouts for people do at home and sent cleaned and sanitized dumbbells to its most loyal athletes to work out at home. Talking about real solidarity here!


Via Instagram

TD Athletics posts daily workouts via a carousel post. The first picture has the full workout, then the rest are videos that show how each workout is done. It’s really helpful and makes it easy for everyone to do the workout properly!

BeFit 360

Via Instagram

BeFit launched BeFit at home on their Instagram page as well, and they post daily workouts plans that are very organized and they tell you how long should your workout lasts for.

On Track

Via Instagram

On Track is also sharing posts of workouts on Instagram that are very detailed along with videos for each workout as well. We really appreciate how they are trying to make things easier for everyone to follow along!


Via Instagram

LA7 Gym tagged along and started a live workout on their page.

Gold’s Gym Egypt

Gold’s Gym Egypt is posting daily workout videos on its Instagram page and each one targeting a different focal point.

CrossFit Stars

Via Instagram

CrossFit Stars is also posting daily workouts that are very descriptive.

Nun Wellness Center

Via Instagram

Nun Wellness Center is hosting live yoga classes at 12 and they post daily to announce which Yogi will give the class for the day.


Via Instagram

Elevate is also posting daily HIIT and functional workouts along with videos to follow.

Vibes Wellness Gym

Via Instagram

Vibes Wellness Gym is another great gym that is posting daily workouts along with video guidance on their Instagram page.

Nooni Saleh

Nooni Saleh, Co-founder of Vibes is also sharing videos and posts of herself working out from home.

Crossfit Tycoons

Via Instagram

Based in Alexandria, Crossfit Tycoons is also posting story highlights of its daily workouts.

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