HealthGetting in Shape During This Quarantine Shouldn’t Be a Hassle If You Follow These Four Tips

Hossam El MorallyMarch 25, 2020

It’s really ironic and somehow relieving that the avid gym-goers are panicking about not hitting the gym and ruining their progress, and those non-gym-goers are seriously afraid of getting chubbier. Well, worrying about this situation while binge-watching Netflix and eating whatever is in the fridge will not solve the problem, and if you didn’t use this time to do something about your health, then sorry to break it to you but you probably will never do. So, let’s start together with these simple tips that will get us through this phase in the best shape we can possibly have:

Plan Ahead

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A very common problem with most of my clients would be not having enough time to prepare meals or cook healthy food in general due to their work or busy lifestyle in general, right now that issue is obviously not there, we have all the time in the world to do that, my advice is to plan ahead your meals of the day, you can prepare them in the morning all at once or cook each at their timing but make sure to do that before getting hungry, cause once you get hungry you might eat anything at sight, or end up ordering pizza.

Detect False Hunger

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In our pre-quarantine busy daily life, we used to forget lunch or dinner because we were so preoccupied with what we’re doing, but right now it’s the complete opposite. We have so much free time chilling at our homes that we feel hungry really quickly and we are always craving snacks like never before. A simple fix to these endless cravings is this 3 step solution. When you first feel hungry, drink 2 glasses of water and if the feeling goes away you’re good to go.  If it remains then you can eat any high fiber vegetable to feel fuller.  If that wasn’t enough then, the last step to do is eat a healthy snack like rice cakes + peanut butter, sweet potatoes, greek yogurt + fruit, a handful of mixed nuts or almonds, popcorn, and other healthy snacks that you can look up on the internet. The point here is to avoid eating sugar-laden calorie-dense food as much as you can.

Increase Your Daily Activity and Home Workouts


Some of you may think that they are completely useless compared to lifting weights at the gym but that’s not true. Home workout can be extremely difficult and can put enough stimulus on the muscles. While it might not be the best choice for muscle gain, it can surely be done to maintain muscle mass which should be our goal in the current difficult situation. Also, it will give a boost to metabolism as most of us are basically being couch potatoes all day.  That’s why burning some calories for around 45-60 minutes per day is sure better than doing nothing!  There are several tools that can be used to make the workout more difficult such as rubber bands, dumbbells, and a pull-up bar. Also, check out this list of gyms and coaches that are providing free online workouts every day!

 Make Use of Your Free Time to Optimize Your Lifestyle

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This is the perfect chance to improve your lifestyle and habits! You have enough time to sleep 8 hours per night, to drink enough water per day (1 liter per 20 kg of body weight), to eat enough vegetables, to eat clean, and if you have a treadmill or a bike you can do 30-60 min cardio daily. All these habits can affect your metabolism big time and help you with your progress.

We really shouldn’t give up to our cravings and laziness and just lay around like a zombie. This is a challenge to everyone both mentally and physically that we must overcome and conquer.  Now go do some pushups!

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