PoliticsSaudi Arabia Just Intercepted Two Rockets Aimed For Riyadh and One for Gizan!

A lot of eyewitnesses are stating that they have managed to hear loud banging noises in both of Saudi’s Riyadh and Gizan that was later confirmed by multiple news entities that they were three intercepted rockets that were aimed at both cities; two in Riyadh and one in Gizan.

Saudi Arabia Just Intercepted Two Rockets Aimed For Gizan and Riyadh!

Experts are stating that these rockets were launched for Houthi base camps as a part of their ongoing political unrest between the Kingdom and Yemen.

The Houthi movement (known formally as Ansar Allah), which champions Yemen’s Zaidi Shia Muslim minority and fought a series of rebellions against Saleh during the previous decade, took advantage of the new president’s weakness by taking control of their northern heartland of Saada province and neighbouring areas.

Disillusioned with the transition, many ordinary Yemenis – including Sunnis – supported the Houthis, and in late 2014 and early 2015 the rebels gradually took over the capital Sanaa.

There’s no more information that we can share with you at press time; however; please stay tuned for further updates regarding the issue.

But for now, please stay safe and stay home and do not get out of the house under any circumstances.

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