EntertainmentThe First Chapter of the Interactive Novel “Life Dice” Is Available for Free and Now All of You Can Assist in the Plot Twist!

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We’ve had a taste of interactivity before with Cold Play’s “Ink” music video and the most hyped Black Mirror episode “Bandersnatch” where the viewers got to decide so many actions whether it’s the music played to bigger choices affecting the actual plot twist. Now, it’s the perfect time for this new and highly anticipated novel, Life Dice by Chaker Khazaal to join this bandwagon of readers taking control of the narrative and due to the negative impacts of COVID-19,  Khazaal and the Numbase Group team, are releasing the first chapter of Life Dice as a free download on Kindle, iBooks, Google Play Books, and NOOK. All in appreciation of people staying at home and taking the precautions needed for this time, and to give the readers an exciting and immersive experience while staying in and safe.

Chaker Khazaal, a Palestinian Canadian Author, Speaker, and Author worked on his fifth novel “Life Dice” with Ayman Jomaa, CEO of Numbase Group, to give readers a one of a kind interactive experience that is currently under development. Readers can scan an embedded code to ravel video clips relating to the plot and the Watch What You’ve Read experience allows readers to roll the dice at the end of the novel to read one of the six different endings.

This unprecedented novel unfolds between two turbulent timelines from mortal struggles in Irag to wild temptations in Las Vegas. It’s a story of an Iraqi refugee named Aslan, a proud Yazidi, who ends up in the casinos of Nevada. Aslan must win a huge amount of money to free his beloved wife Farida, who is captured by Isis as a sex slave. Due to the current pandemic, Khazaal Says: “I’m inviting readers to share their feedback using the #LifeDice hashtag, online reviews, or contact me directly. Based on this, I may edit some parts of the novel. I want my readers, from the comfort
of their home, to influence this novel and be part of it in every step.”

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