BusinessThey Tell Us to Take “Social Distancing” Seriously but They’re Still Operating Normally [Egyptian Talk Shows Edition]

One question that has probably crossed your mind “why in hell are the Egyptian talk shows still operating?” and honestly it crossed our minds too! Not because we’re a picky bunch, it’s simply because the question makes a whole lot of sense!

Imagine this; a crew member wakes up in the morning, takes public transportation to go to work (since duh, they cannot “work from home”) and if you live in Egypt you’d know how bad that is … All those people stuck together in a meter square with no personal space what so ever! Then that crew member would have to socialize with all those other crew members (and you know how Egyptians love to hug and kiss for hellos).

Voila … How to Spread COVID-19 101!

And all of that is for what; for them to have some dude, who gets paid a fortune per episode, to feed us news that we already got from our social media platforms or online!

See the thing is, if we are going to get into the fact that delivering news via talk shows are better, more reliable, and is important for a certain target audience. I’d agree! However, this is when I’ll tell you that little happy story of what other foreign media outlets have done to still keep the cameras rolling without the threat of spreading the virus a tat more!

If you’re reading this article with ease, then you probably know The Daily Show by Trevor Noah! Know what they did so that they can keep operating without the hassle of having to get up and physically go to work every day? Well, I’ll let this video speak for its self!

So yeah, it seems like it’s doable. But who’s talking! If you think so too, make sure you share with us your opinion in the comments section below!

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