MoneyBreaking News: Oil Prices Crash as it Reaches 16 Cents/Barrel for the First time In History!

So if you have a dollar and you’re thinking about spending it, there’s one more thing that has been added to the menu! No, it’s not a mochaccino or anything of that sort … It’s what people once called the “Black Gold” … Now, with a single dollar bill, you can end up with a barrel of oil!

For the first time in history, the oil prices have been recorded to reach 0.16 dollar per barrel and all of this comes after the total lockdown that the world has been facing ever since the Coronavirus has emerged to take the world’s economy by storm.

Imagine all the people that have their money invested in this, millionaires literally will go bankrupt!

Just to give you a better image of what that means … The average price of a barrel of oil for the past 5 years was $127.50/barrel … Yeah … you do the math!

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