EntertainmentOn a Scale from 1 to 10: How Bad is Yasmine Sabri’s Ramadan Series “Forsa Tania”?

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Terrible, Terrible, Terrible ... is what we think of Yasmine Sabri's Ramadan Series "Forsa Tania"

Well, seems like Yasmine‘s highlight of the year is the fact that she got married to Abo Hashima and nothing else. If you’re wondering why we’re saying this, then you certainly should go ahead and watch the first episode of her Ramadan series “Forsa Tania”.

Well, seems like Yasmine's highlight of the year is the fact that she got married to Abo Hashima and nothing else. If you're wondering why we're saying

I never ever imagined that in 2020 we’ll still be watching this kind of series; the poor plot twists, the naive script, and repulsive directing. It was, in a word, terrible! I would still call it terrble even if it was 2007!  I know it’s too early to judge, but if you’re a series fanatic like I am, you’d know that you can tell a lot about a series from the first episode! When it comes to series; YOU CAN JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! 

As much as I was looking forward to the series (since that she’s been the country’s chatter for a few weeks now), I’d have to say that I, and all the people that were watching it with me, are disappointed.

One thing that I need to get off my chest … Yasmine, you’re a piece of heaven though! 

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