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Summer El-MorallyApril 27, 2020104699 min

Ramadan feels so different this year and without family gatherings and having Suhoor with our friends, it can feel lonely sometimes. However, we can still have our own haven of Ramadan at our homes with a little bit of creativity and some new home decor additions. Thanks to the existence of online shopping, we can pick and get some of Ramadan goodies from these stores and celebrate safely inside. So, let’s check them out:

Table Mats From The Nest Concept Store

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These table mats from The Nest Concept Store are a subtle decorative addition that your whole family will get to enjoy every day during the month. They come in a sturdy fabric that you can throw in the washing machine easily and let it air dry for use between meals.

Evil Eye Coasters From The Golden Pineapple

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Coasters are just like bobby pins, no matter how many you buy you always keep losing them, and you can never have too much. These bright acrylic ones from The Golden Pineabble will definitely make your table pop up.

Water Color Paintings From Lazuline Designs

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It’s nice to have a decorative painting from Lazuline Designs to add in your favorite corner and at the same time, the proceeds of the painting go to the struggling artisans who live on day to day wages.

Water/Juice Dispenser From Pastel House

This 5-liter water/juice dispenser comes very handy during this month. Ikea has it too but it’s currently out of stock, so it’s good to see it available at Pastel House, which is also full of the sweetest pastel home decor items that make you want to spend all your life savings on!

Fanoos Ramadan From Inbox House

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Inbox House is well known for its super colorful spin on wooden furniture and the store has just released Fanoos Ramadan limited edition. It’s creative, colorful, and eye-catchy.

Tea Time Table From The Perfect Home

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This tea table from The Perfect Home is for the Turkish-home decore lovers! Lots of elegant flowers and light Pink decor can take your normal tea table to another level. It looks very inviting for everyone to leave the couch and make themselves a cup of coffee or tea because we all know that dreadful feeling after Iftar time where we want to have some caffeine without moving a finger!

Praying Mat From Sujoud

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I’ve seen some praying corners that are insanely beautiful and surreal on Pinterest, and when I found these praying mats from Sujoud Designs, they instantly reminded me of those corners. They also have Quran covers and other decorative items to choose from.

Ramadan Collection From Joud Home


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This Ramadan collection by Joud Home is so aesthetically pleasing that I want to have it all year round! It’s classy and the shade of Blue will add color to any plain setup you have at home. I believe they have other colors and various Ramadan decor items as well.

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