EntertainmentInstagram launches [InstaElKheir] AR filter for Ramadan in collaboration with ‘Peace Cake’

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With the onset of the #MonthofGood, Instagram is celebrating kindness with a special AR filter that puts a spotlight on everyday good deeds during Ramadan. Highlighting tasks such as donating old clothes that no longer fit, turning an old unused box at home into a Ramadan box and even lending a helping hand to prepare Iftar, the filter calls on the Instagram community to celebrate every act of kindness during the Holy Month.

Instagram partnered with Egyptian Creative & Content Agency, Peace Cake (@thepeacecake), to create the filter and worked closely with the team to capture the nuances of the Ramadan spirit. Commenting on the filter, Ahmed Younis, Head of Creative Shop for Facebook and Instagram MENA said; “The [InstaElKheir] filter is a light-hearted take on everyday kindnesses. Ramadan is a time when the urge to do good is strong and the opportunities are abundant, especially at home. The filter was devised to be humorous but still nudges people into helping each other out with the little things.”

Instagram launches [InstaElKheir] AR filter for Ramadan in collaboration with ‘Peace Cake’

The filter is now live and can be found @thepeacecake’s Instagram Profile and by choosing the filter tab or simply searching for “Insta ElKhir” in the AR Filters tab.

In keeping with Instagram’s #MonthofGood campaign, it also encourages the community to call on others to join them in doing and sharing a good deed, thus creating a chain of kindness, while using the hashtag #Monthofgood or #انستا_الخير.

This is the second filter Instagram has designed for the Holy Month – the platform created the “Lantern” camera effect, which features iconography associated with Ramadan and includes greetings in English, Arabic, Bahasa, Turkish and Farsi. It was used over 12 million times last year and was brought back for this year’s initiative.

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