TechnologySpotify is Celebrating The Holy Month With This Multi-Cultural Ramadan Hub!

Ramadan can certainly be hectic for all of us! But there’re are those little things that help us pass the time; family, all the Ramadan series, prank shows, and to most of us, some music that would give us all those Ramadan vibes! And since Spotify always knows what is that you need to listen to at those special times; they have created a multi-cultural hub specifically dedicated to the holy month!

Click here so that you can check it out 

The beauty of what Spotify has done is that they didn’t just compile all those Ramadan tunes that you’ve probably had enough of. What they have managed to beautifully do is compile most Ramadan songs and tunes from all over the world under one genre that they’ve dubbed “Ramadan”.

Here’re some of the playlists they have up there!

They even compiled all the most iconic Ramadan series’ songs that we all love

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