TechnologyHere’s Everything you Need to Know About The Activity on Twitter for the First Week of Ramadan!

Since that it’s the holy month of Ramadan and almost all of us (or at least the responsible ones) are stuck at home, many take to their social media to help pass the time. So as many seize the opportunity to show gratitude to their loved ones, share news, or to spread positive vibes … A lot do consider Twitter to be the perfect platform for just that.

So, as always, we will be sharing with you guys the Twitter stats for the first week of Ramadan in different categories.


Peak in conversation

The peak in conversations around food in Arabic took place on Fridays, and it peaked at 3pm UAE during the week.

Notable Tweets

● A woman in Saudi Arabia Tweeting a thread about Ramadan sauce recipes:

● A man in Kuwait praising women’s efforts around cooking:

● A family doctor giving tips on how to maintain healthy eating:

● An Arabic Japanese account sharing a video of a Ramadan recipe:

Television Series:

Peak in conversation

The peak in conversations around TV series in Arabic took place on Fridays, and it peaked at 11pm UAE during the week.

Top Ramadan series related topics

1. #البرنس (Al-Prince)

2. #رامز_مجنون_رسمي (Ramez Majnun Rasmi)

3. #مخرج_7 (Makhraj 7)

4. #الاختيار (Al Ekhteyar)

5. #قلبي_اطمأن (Qalby Etmaan)

6. #ام_هارون (Umm Harun)

Top mentioned actor ● Egyptian actor @mohamed_ramadan

Most active celebrities on Twitter 1. Egyptian actor @AsserYassin 2. Lebanese singer and actress @CyrineAbdlNour 3. Egyptian actress @AYTENAMER 4. Lebanese actress @nadinenjeim 5. Kuwaiti actress @Haya_abdulsalam 6. Egyptian actor @AhmedSalahhosny 7. Egyptian actor and singer @Sharnouby 8. Egyptian actress @RashaMahdi 9. Kuwaiti actor @YaqouBiaN

Notable Tweet

A Tweet by the Yemeni Islamic scholar who is based in the UAE about the series الاختيار


Notable Tweets

● His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan describing Ramadan as the month of compassion and solidarity

● His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Tweeting about feeding those in need as a societal priority

● The ambassador of China in Saudi Arabia Tweeting about how this Ramadan we will overcome the difficulties during these exceptional circumstances

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