EntertainmentWe All Hate to Admit it But Mohamed Ramadan’s “El-Prince” is the Best Show this Ramadan!

We’ll yes we agree that he is one of the most controversial personals that the Arab world has ever had to offer. He has been attacked for almost all of his works and all of them were actually justifiable! But Mohamed Ramadan has certainly managed to come out from all of it as polished as they come!

This Ramadan he decided to star in one of the best shows that the Egyptian TV had to offer, El-Prince, and it’s certainly not only us who thinks so but a lot of people do too!

The show does respect the mentality of its viewers by giving them plot twists that make sense and scenes that would make you cry (like the scene of that little girl that went viral) … check out this reaction below, it’s hilarious!

I think all we’ve got to say right now is: Yasmine Sabry … Please take notes from that little girl’s acting skills! 

Ahmed Mansour

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