HealthDomestic Violence Rates Soar in Middle East During Quarantine Lockdown!

As the lockdown has forced us to stay home with our family members, husbands, and wives … Some would say that it’s quite fun but others wouldn’t be so thrilled to be locked down with their oppressors! We are all reaching a point where we cannot take it anymore, we deal with it, but others with anger or psychological issues cant be able to maintain their anger and thus tending to use violence on their family members as means of relief.

Domestic Violence Rates Soar in Middle East as During Quarantine Lockdown!

Unfourtionatly; For many women in the Middle East and North Africa, physical violence is a part of everyday life. In countries such as Yemen, Morocco, and Egypt, at least a quarter of all married women say their husbands have physically abused them, according to a Princeton University study published last year.

However, with the current situation, things have escalated to reach that almost 67% of women in the Middle East have witnessed some kind of domestic violence during the lockdown. Only of which 4% of them have been reported to the authorities.

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