FashionTo Answer All Your Questions About Dina El-Shebriny’s Bags, We Interviewed the Stylist Behind it All Marwa Abdelsamie!

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While we were thrilled that our fashion article on Dina el Sherbiny’s Bag Collection in “Le’bet El Nesyan” went viral this past couple of days, we decided that we should take this a little bit further by answering all your questions about these awesome outfits Dina was rocking in her hit series this Ramadan!

So, what we did is interview the modish Costume Designer & Celebrity Stylist, Marwa Abdelsamie, the one who worked behind the scenes and managed to catch our attention to Dina’s impressive style in the series. We had the pleasure of knowing how she creates the costumes and we sneaked in some question about the “wowing” bag collection!

So, without further ado, let’s check the interview:

Celebrity styling, how did you come to that?

I studied animation which tackles all kinds of art, sketching, and drawing along with the main filmmaking sections and I graduated in 2001. I had my first opportunity as a costume designer to work in a movie and there it started. 2 years later, I was among the big names in the field and there were very few names in the styling field (like maybe 4 or 6 back then). My first movie screened in cinemas back in 2004 which was Ahla el Awa’at that won me an award. Then I started making a whole lot of movies and TV commercials. Among the movies I have worked on are: Fi Mahtatet Masr, H Dabour, Teer Enta, and I have worked on hundreds of TV commercials with brands like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Orange, Vodafone, and Etisalat.

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Did you expect this year’s success from styling Dina el Sherbiny and Ahmed Dawood?

Actually, I wasn’t planning on doing TV series this year at all, as I’ve stopped since Lala Land. Mainly because I work for TV commercials and working on both TV commercials and series is very hectic, but when Dina el Sherbiny asked me to work with her this Ramadan I was very excited as I have worked before with her on Albaa’d La Yazhab Lelma’zoon MarataynIt was supposed to be out this Eid starring Karim Abdel Aziz. Also, Ahmed Dawood is a very close friend of mine, so I was definitely pleased to have the chance to work with him for the first time.


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You have worked on major projects before, like the Lala Land series and the song Ersem Aalb, how awesome was the experience?

I actually enjoyed all the projects which helped boom my career and make me reach where I am today!

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We couldn’t help but notice that you have a keen eye when it comes to details on every outfit you create. Tell us more about your process of styling celebrities!

When I have a big project like a TV series or a film, I start reading the script and I create a mood board that I share with the director. Then I buy the clothes and check the new stuff that the actor/actress might have in his/her closet and we start the fitting sessions. These sessions, which last for days, are where the actor/actress tries all the outfits that I prepared and it’s where I pull together the whole look with accessories and take photos of the outfits. Finally, I work on putting the outfits with the most suitable and relevant scene.

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Let’s talk about those “cost a kidney” bags in Le’bet El-Nesyan. Did they come out of Dina’s own wardrobe or were they provided by the series’ production?

When the character’s wardrobe consists of modern items that the celebrity can keep after the series, the celebrity pays for them as it will go into their own closets afterward. But when we are creating a wardrobe for a role that is hard to keep after, like historical or from the rural areas for instance;  the production pays for the outfits and we provide the celebrity with all the outfits needed for the role.

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What was your most interesting experience in celebrity styling?

I really had a lot of interesting projects in my career. The most loved ones to my heart are Teer Enta and Vodafone 4g, which was full of celebrities like Asser Yassin, Nelly Karim, Gamila Awad, and a lot more. Also, I enjoyed working with Dina El Sherbiny on our coming soon movie, as well as Nelly We Sherihan, which is one of my favorites, and Donia’s World, a musical theatrical release that had a whole lot of dancers; thus a whole lot of customs!

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Which was your hardest experience and why?

My hardest experience was the opening ceremony of the World Youth Forum last December. It was challenging, hard, and very stressful as the timing was tight with around 200 costumes for dancers and singers. Fortunately, it came out to be a very successful theater project for me.

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How do you get the celebrity to trust in your fashion sense and choices?

The trust is built based on the character and the way we deal together. Understanding the character and the things that might bother each celebrity with his body and the things that he/she might not like is very important as well. When this trust has a strong base then everything goes very smoothly.

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Which celebrity would you like to style in the future?

I wish to work with Amr Diab one day.


Which look are you most proud of?

What really makes me proud is the comments of people on any of the looks I work on.

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What advice can you give to the youngsters who want to start their journey in styling?

My advice to young stylists is that the filmmaking industry is not about having good taste only, it’s about building a character that the audience will believe in. It’s a hectic job and it needs a lot of patience, smartness in dealing with directors, producers, and celebrities. Also, it requires the ability to provide all kinds of wardrobes even if it’s impossible.

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