TechnologyEXCLUSIVE: Twitter Shared with Us Their Ramadan Series Data for the Third Week!

Social media has been going nuts recently with all the spare time we do have on our hands! This Ramadan, and during this quarantine, people are either eating or tweeting about how they found that the latest episode of their favorite series was not as good as they expected (since that probably they’re all not as good as they should be)!

And since we know that all you Chatterers love to know what other people are chatting about; Twitter and C-Town Chatter decided that we’ll be sharing with you guys, on a weekly basis, all the data on their platform that has to do with the Ramadan Series of the year 2020!

P.S. Some of these you did expect, and others you probably wouldn’t have guessed in a million years!

Peak in conversation

Here is the peak in Arabic conversations around TV series:

Saudi Arabia:

  • People Tweeted most on Mondays
  • People Tweeted most at 12am local time


  • People Tweeted most on Tuesdays
  • People Tweeted most at 9pm local time


  • People Tweeted most on Mondays
  • People Tweeted most at 11pm local time

Top Ramadan series related topics

  1. #البرنس (Al-Prince)
  2. #مخرج_7 (Makhraj 7)
  3. #خيانة_عهد (Khiyanit Ahid)
  4. #رامز_مجنون_رسمي (Ramez Majnun Rasmi)
  5. #الاختيار (Al Ekhteyar)
  6. #ام_هارون (Umm Harun)
  7. #فلانتينو (Valentino)
  8. #الفتوة (Al Futowa)

Most active celebrities on Twitter

  1. Egyptian actor,@ AsserYassin
  2. Lebanese singer & actress, @CyrineAbdlNour
  3. Egyptian actor, @AmirKarara
  4. Lebanese actress, @nadinenjeim
  5. Egyptian actor, @AhmedSalahhosny
  6. Kuwaiti actress, @Haya_abdulsalam
  7. Egyptian actress, @MaiOmar
  8. Egyptian actress, @maikassab
  9. Lebanese singer & actress, @RazanElMoghrabi

Notable Tweet:

A Tweet by Omani content creator about the series قلبي اطمأن (Qalby Etmaan)


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