LifestyleGet Over Eid’s Boredom During This Quarantine With These Ideas!

Even if it’s going to be an Eid without large and loud family gatherings, we have to find alternatives that will make this Eid a happy one. To keep our loved ones safe and give ourselves a little break, here are some things to do during this Eid that doesn’t include breaking any safety rules and will add some fun to you and your family:

Schedule a Video Call With All Family Members in the Morning of Eid

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We know many are doing this already, but there is always one family member who is missing because they are working from home or of course, most of the mommies skip the video and just have a phone call every once in a while because they don’t have time. So, this year, schedule a video call with all family members. Just add all the members in a WhatsApp group or a Facebook Messenger group and agree on a specific time to make the call. Seeing your family members in the first day of  Eid is a tradition that we all will miss, but having a video call can at least give you some taste and you’ll have lot’s of fun because everyone will be loud and you probably won’t hear a thing but it’ll be so worth it.

Wear Eid Outfits With Your Family as If You Are Going Out




It’s one of the things children love about Eid, and it has been a tradition for the longest time to welcome Eid with new outfits. We don’t mean that you go out shopping, you can simply pick a favorite outfit you have to wear. And if you have children do the same, and prepare those outfits to wear in the morning. It’s not like we haven’t done this already, and let’s be honest, while wearing your pajamas all month is a dream coming true, we miss the feeling of looking good and put together.

Bring out Those Board Games and Download Mobile Games to Play Together


Choose some card and board games that you can play with your family members and you’ll have all the giggles and fun for hours. We currently have an obsession with a game called Al Gawla that keeps us sitting together for hours. If you don’t own board games, you can download some on your mobile and play with your spouse and your friends online as well.

Make Eid Decorations With Your Family Members

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Having some Eid decorations will bring some happiness to your home. Again, you don’t have to go out and buy festive decorations but with things around the home, you can have a celebrative Eid corner to take pictures with your family. There are so many great ideas on Pinterest and this one by Rahet Bally will give you the inspiration you need.

Set a Movie Night Program for the Whole Family

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Prepare some snacks and choose a movie, play, or even a show that you haven’t seen with the family. For myself, I’d love to watch the Harry Potter movies all over again but I know my spouse would sleep once I play the first 10 mins, and yes, I’ve tried to convince him million times to watch it with me and I’ve failed miserably. There are so many great preparations for movie night all over the internet and if you don’t know what to watch, you can check this “Top 250” movies list by IMDb.

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